Privacy Policy

We are always committed for the protection of every personal data we process – below you’ll find the guidelines for our Privacy Policy concerning how we collect, use or transfer and store the information that our customers provide us. The following information is guided by Peach and Olive to show how we act in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations and to keep you always informed about your rights and enforcing them. By visiting, you can accept and consent to our practices described in the Privacy Policy section.

To whom Our Privacy Policy does apply?

  • This Privacy Policy applies to every person whose personal data is processed with Peach and Olive;
  • Visitors for the website;
  • Recipients of newsletters and emails sent to the visitors for our exhibitions;
  • All other persons who might want to contact Peach and Olive;
  • This Privacy Policy does not apply for the employees, student interns and the applicants.

What kind of personal data we process?

We process every personal data necessary for you to provide us. We also process the personal data we got detailed from other sources like mainly on Social Media platforms. The necessary personal data we do collect is Name, email address and your photo (when you visit our exhibitions). 


Personal data obtained that is generated on our website, commercial emails, newsletters, or any other related technologies. Your browsing behaviour is recorded on our website with the information that you provide on your first visit or previous visit or on a current visit. 


Cookies are mainly the files that include a small amount of data that develops for an anonymous and unique identifier. Cookies are sent on your browser from our web site to get store on your computer’s hard drive. By setting this cookie, Peach and Olive will always remember your details, whenever the next time you visit on our Web Site, so that you do not have to re-enter your previous information.


You can also instruct your browser by refusing all the cookies or to indicate whenever a cookie is being sent any time you would like. However, if the customers do not accept cookies, they might not be able to use some of the portions on our Web Site. Cookies can be very easily restricted or erased. 

Purpose of collecting your personal data

We use your personal data for the below mentioned purposes:

  • Preserving contact with our visitors of website.
  • Improving communications on the fashion appetite and its behaviour.
  • Approach you with the information that concerns you.
  • Understanding your valuable interests and views you expect form us on sustainable fashion.
  • Improving our campaigns for non-commercial fashion.
  • Improving and securing our website with you valuable views.

Legal grounds of our processing

We process your personal data with our following legal grounds: 1.Approval to our relation your legitimate interest A data is an administrator that may only process personal data if that can be based on our exhaustive legal grounds laid down with the General Data Protection Decree. The legal grounds used Peach and Olive is to give you the right to withdraw any permission that you have given us to process on your personal data. To do so, please contact us on 2.Approval on our legitimate interest We might as well process your personal data if we got a legitimate interest and do not unduly infringe to your privacy. We may use your contact details for inviting you in the future events based on your presence in the previous events.

Processors and sharing of your personal data

We may hire service providers and processors for processing to your personal data which exclusively process your personal data concerned with our instructions. We might as well conclude a processor agreement with our processors that can meet all the requirements laid down on the General Data Protection Decree. We also hire the IT service providers that also provide a support to be safe and stable operation of all of our systems. We can also make use of the third-party services to send a newsletters and emails. 

Retention for your personal data

We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes (mentioned above) for which it was obtained. Your personal data will be retained with us mainly for the purposes of marketing, communication with you. In order to comply with all the records retention requirements are applicable to us for all of your personal data will be kept for about a period.

Questions related to your personal data

Each person can surely pursuant to the law exercise on certain rights in relation with their personal data. You can also have the right to access or correct and even remove your personal data from our website. You can also an object to the custom of your personal data and thereby, request to limit it to their use. In certain cases, you can even request for your data transfer for any other party. 

Complaints and handling of your data

If you have any complaints concerning about the handling of your personal data, you can contact us. We would always be happy to help you finding an appropriate solution. 

Amendments to our Privacy Statement

Developments and changes take place rapidly in this industry and things may even change as per your personal data requirements and the way in which we would use them. Regulations might also sometimes be amended. If this is the case, we will be changing our Privacy Statement. Thus, it is requested to please regularly check our page to find the most recent version of our privacy policy.